PIANA Dining furniture range

Open the door to CASA… eyes left…

Some of our customers make a b-line, others stand transfixed. What causes this reaction?


Piana Mario Chair            Piana Mario Chair

We have some amazing dining furniture on show, but this range is a true customer stopper.

What makes it so special? It’s universal appeal.

Most of us have parted company with furniture because we felt like a style update, or following a house move because it didn’t look right. This is where PIANA wins.

The design would look fantastic in; a country cottage, country home, farm kitchen, loft, contemporary apartment…… the versatility of PIANA is a winner.

Piana            Piana Mario Chair

The solid oak or walnut table tops are beautiful. The choice of not only the table leg style, but the choice of three positions for the leg is a real plus factor. The options are incredible, including table extensions.

The chairs…. oh the chairs, 3 styles. High backed in leather or felt. Or how about a 4 legged bucket style swivel chair named Elvis. We can even suggest a long wooden bench or corner bench.

Piana Elvis ChairPiana Mario Chair without Arms

The complete PIANA dining range has sideboards, display cabinets and more.

If this range was called piano, we would say that you could compose a delightful concerto. As it is, PIANA is music to all our interior design senses, and hits all the right notes.

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