CASA stocks an eclectic mix of dining and living room furniture, made with the finest attention to detail and some of the best quality materials, sourced from around the world.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary glass table, a classically styled solid oak sideboard or a comfortable set of dining chairs.

Browse through the pages of this website for a flavour of our product range and visit our showrooms at ‘The Old Gaol’ in Topsham near Exeter, a fabulous Grade II listed building which was once a Napoleonic Gaol.

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ABBEY Cream Rectangular Mirror
ABBEY Cream Rectangular Mirror
The Abbey Cream Rectangular Mirror features a beautiful painted wooden frame.  (there are some slight marks in the corner) THIS PRICE IS FOR OUR DISPLAY MODEL ONLY AND IS AVAILABLE FOR COLLECTION FROM OUR STORE IN EXETER.
was £129.00
Bordo MirrorBordo Mirror
Bordo Mirror
Bordo is a design masterpiece created by Annemie Vanzieleghem. The artist has pushed the boundaries of technology and blurs the lines between form and function. The interplay of transparency and sleek black elements creates the illusion of a metal frame, while the wall's colour subtly peeks through. It’s a stylish and versatile mirror, designed to be hung both vertically or horizontally to create that Wow! factor.
was £849.00

Coelo Wall Mirror
Coelo Wall Mirror
Coelo is a painted range of country style furniture with oak tops and metal handles.
Contour MirrorContour Mirror
Contour Mirror
While Contour looks like it has a black metal frame, this mirror is a technical and aesthetic feature. The black frame is printed on the front of the mirror, while the mirror and the transparent glass combine to create a stunning design effect. The thick black lines add character to the shape, while the transparent sections reveal the wall behind it.
was £679.00

Cromwell Wall Mirror
Cromwell Wall Mirror
Cromwell features a combination of subtle pastel paint finishes and natural European oak.
Decora MirrorDecora Mirror
Decora Mirror
The mirror Decora is not a "simple" functional mirror. It is more intended as a wall decoration with mirror techniques. It looks like the wall is filled with mirror scratches. The mirror consists of all small mirror strips, all fully beveled. The mirror pieces lie on a black support, that is also cut out in the same form and through which one can see the wall. This gives the design mirror an extra dimension.
was £859.00

Driftwood Mirror
Driftwood Mirror
This beautifully handcrafted driftwood mirror would make a stunning feature in any room of your home! Showcasing our care for the environment, each eco-friendly piece is truly unique and individual. So why not bring a pop of rusticity to your interior for that coastal look.
was £199.00
Fair Isle Arched Metal Frame MirrorFair Isle Arched Metal Frame Mirror
Fair Isle Arched Metal Frame Mirror
Mirrors always add a touch of radiance to any home interior and our arched mirror is a substantial piece. The arched shape and black metal framework creates the illusion of actually being a window. This beautiful piece will make any room feel lighter and more airy, creating the illusion of space by flooding the room with both internal lighting and natural daylight. The mirror is made from reclaimed pine and can be hung as well as just lent up against a wall in the hallway, an alcove or why not place it in the bedroom so you can check your appearance from head to toe.
was £359.00

Fraydra MirrorFraydra Mirror
Fraydra Mirror
The Fraydra Mirror brings the sun into your home. The sunrays playfully burst from behind the central mirror to spread across the warm golden background. The atmosphere this mirror brings to your interior is almost dazzling.
was £749.00
Globino MirrorGlobino Mirror
Globino Mirror
A simple, round mirror with a polished edge. What makes it so special is the way it is mounted. There is an oval opening at the top of the mirror, so the mirror can be hung from a circular oak support. The support is fastened to the wall with a thick screw. The mirror is supplied with a natural oak or black oak support, leaving the decision to you.
was £599.00

Kyo Small MirrorKyo Small Mirror
Kyo Small Mirror
With its burned wood appearance, the Kyo Small Mirror is a clear nod to the ancient Japanese wood treatment known as Shou Sugi Ban. This technique was used to preserve wood by charring the surface with a hot flame. While being an ancient method of treating wood, it creates a timeless look that is stunning in both modern and rustic settings.
was £329.00
Lamont Wall Mirror
Lamont Wall Mirror
The Lamont Bedroom Collection's signature is its soft curves and profiles which evoke a traditional French style that suits both modern or country living.

Lucka Gold MirrorLucka Gold Mirror
Lucka Gold Mirror
The Lucka Gold Mirror is a very sleek mirror with a high-quality aluminium frame and a matt gold coloured finish. The mirror is slightly embedded in the deep frame and well protected all around. The sleek, subtle frame is not too flashy. The mirror can be hung in two directions. 
was £399.00
NEW YORK Club Mirror
NEW YORK Club Mirror
The New York Club Mirror features a beautiful rustic leather surround.  THIS PRICE IS FOR OUR DISPLAY MODEL ONLY AND IS AVAILABLE FOR COLLECTION FROM OUR STORE IN EXETER.
was £159.00

Precious Silver MirrorPrecious Silver Mirror
Precious Silver Mirror
Precious is jewel-like. It is a striking design piece and functional oval wall mirror in one. Its 3D effect frame makes the mirror seem as if it is coming away from the wall. Decorated by hand with metal leaves in shiny silver, it allows the mirror to gleam and sparkle like a real gemstone. This mirror would make a stunning focal point in any room of one's home.
was £999.00
Round Daisy MirrorRound Daisy Mirror
Round Daisy Mirror
Create the feeling of light and space with this quirky daisy shaped mirror. Hand craved from eco-friendly wood and finished in a black wash, it will make a stunning focal point to any room.
was £169.00

Rustic Tall Floor MirrorRustic Tall Floor Mirror
Rustic Tall Floor Mirror
A large mirror will always make a stunning impact in any room, making your home appear bigger and more spacious. This piece is designed to be leant against the wall, so that you can see how fabulous you look from head to toe! But it can also be hung landscape over a sideboard or placed above the fireplace giving your home that Nordic look. The wide rustic frame has a warm natural relaxed feel due to the beautiful reclaimed teak wood, while its notches and abrasions add plenty of personality to your décor. As it is a unique product, there will be variations and irregularities in the wood finish and colour. 
was £699.00
Seaforth Mirror
Seaforth Mirror
Inspired by a timeless window design this mirror has dramatic arches and curves which would fit perfect in an older property.  With its elegant shade of matt silver and tiny black flecks, the Seaforth has an up to date stylish feel and would grace a modern home as well. This versatile mirror can be hung alone as a focal point, used to create an airy and spacious impression or used to extend even the smallest of rooms. This striking mirror provides a luxurious finishing touch for any beautiful home.
was £289.00

Seascape MirrorSeascape Mirror
Seascape Mirror
Introduce the tranquillity and beauty of the sea into any living space with this gorgeous mirror.  Just like the sea, this stunning mirror will change colour slightly depending on how the light reflects on it. The designer has explored the limits of silk screening printing technology, by using transparent colours to create this masterpiece. A simple black metal frame complements it.
was £549.00
Side by Side MirrorSide by Side Mirror
Side by Side Mirror
Just like the name “SIDE BY SIDE” tells us, twenty-one mirror strips are being put side by side against each other. Despite all these mirror parts, the reflecting image remains functional. The strips have different dimensions, which creates a playful and special image. The mirror strips are all bevelled and are supported at the back. The mirror can be hung in two directions.
was £499.00

Solid Square MirrorSolid Square Mirror
Solid Square Mirror
The Solid Square Mirror is a timeless decorative mirror with a beautiful, solid oak frame. The wood is finished in its natural color. This mirror belongs in a natural, unpretentious and light interior. Thanks to the soft organic form, it remains elegant and very well suited to current trends. The oak frame gives your interior a warm and classy look.
was £349.00
Spektrum MirrorSpektrum Mirror
Spektrum Mirror
Designed by Karim Rashid, this mirror features translucent layers that create multiple shades. The wave patterns make the surface of this festive and colourful mirror a play of light, movement and colour.  The designer has explored the limits of silk screening printing technology using transparent colours. Layers of paint create the different coloured areas on the mirror and overlapping layers produce different hues. Superimposed swirls instantly bring light, colour and movement to a flat surface. The  Spektrum Mirror can be hung either horizontally or vertically in four directions.
was £1,199.00

Verbier MirrorVerbier Mirror
Verbier Mirror
Sophistication at its finest! Jazz your home up with the Verbier, a glamorous feature mirror with bevelled glass. The matt silver metallic beaded panels creates geometric patterns. This rectangular mirror is ready to hang on your wall, vertically or horizontally, using the D-ring fittings on the back This piece works well in the hallway over a console table to brighten and open up your entryway. The Verbier will bring an on trend edge to any room.
was £449.00
Vista MirrorVista Mirror
Vista Mirror
Vista is a mirror you can't just walk past without noticing! The designer Annemie Vanzieleghem has explored the limits of silk screen printing technology by using a picture of an old frame and creating layers within the mirror in shades of bronze. It’s a piece that’s smooth to touch. This large square mirror is nicely finished with sharpened bevelled edging and is ideal for the fashion conscious interior. A stunning mirror that would look luscious on a feature wall, not only as a functional mirror but also as a piece of art.
was £799.00

Windsor Mirror
Windsor Mirror
Windsor's clean cut profile and understated lines introduce a relaxed and pleasing atmosphere into any home.