QUERCIA Bedroom Furniture

Quercia. We did in the beginning, have difficulty in pronouncing the name of CASA’s new range of bedroom furniture.


However, a little internet search reveals that Quercia is Italian for oak.

So with best Italian accent, and much waving of arms…….QUERCIA !!!! Perfect,…well almost.

This smooth oak range may only be Italian by name, but it has flair, and is of contemporary design.

Timeless elegance, clean cut lines, this range will furnish your bedroom with style.

Quercia QER814Quercia QER808

The Quercia range has bedsteads, wardrobes, chests of drawers, dressing table, stool and mirrors….

With eight lovely wood finishes to compliment your decor, all that remains to be said is, arrivederci…

See you soon.

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