Toto Coelo

Room Shot

CASA introduced several items of the COELO dining range to the shop a few weeks ago. Pleased with the style and quality, we have now devoted even more floor space.
Hearing the name of our new range of dining room furniture, COELO…..COELO..the name rang a bell. Of course, Toto Coelo, the name of a band from the 80’s. So what was their hit song? Ahh…. “I eat cannibals” !!! Perhaps not the right line of thought.

So why the name COELO for this furniture? A little research reveals that it means heaven/paint/decorate or emboss, this makes sense.

The lovely, comforting lines, of this modern country home design, have the option of being painted in the softest of shades. This results in it being not only functional, but also very pleasing to look at.

The COELO dining range includes dressers, bookcases, and a wide variety of tables and chairs.

The frames are made from solid birch, and the tops from European Oak to ensure quality and resistance to every day wear and tear.

With a choice of six standard base finishes, eight standard wood top shades, plus options of steel cup or round handles….

Your dining room, furnished from CASA, will be truly Toto Coelo!

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