Tajoma, the secret of reclining

R REDOur CASA sales team love to go the extra mile for customers, especially when it comes to trying out reclining chairs!

When proposing a recliner I tend to receive one of two reactions;

The “I can’t wait to try it out”, or ” I’m not that old yet” replies.

In truth the recliner is perfectly adapted to suit all ages. Children love them. Once they have finished playing with the control, they lie back happily. Young business workers love to relax in one, with or without keyboard on lap….

Tajoma, a Spanish company, have fully embraced the concept of reclining.

The Tajoma ‘Red’, looks to all intents and purposes to be a very stylish armchair, which indeed it is.

However, there are two discreet buttons on the side, push these and ahh….the chair reclines beautifully. So often customers are surprised to be told that the ‘Red’ is a recliner, making this model the perfect option for someone shy of owning one.

The Tajoma Spok, a wing back armchair is perhaps more suited to a gentleman’s physique. A traditional style with a modern edge, and the two discreet recliner buttons.

Both models come with the choice of manual or electric recline, a large selection of fabrics or leathers and choice of leg colour.

Not forgetting the added option of whether to tell, and share its amazing comfort,or to keep its wonderful secret.

Without a doubt there is a place in every home for a Tajoma recliner.

To tell or not to tell, that is the only question!

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