Your Ultimate Guide to Decorating with Mirrors

We are delighted to feature some stunning new mirrors which are sparkling on our walls.

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Mirrors act as magicians in your home: They make spaces appear larger, multiply light, and duplicate views. Depending on their size and placement, they can play either lead roles or supporting characters in your home’s decor, but the right mirrors are always memorable.

They’re enchantments that will brighten and energize any place you put them.

Here we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite shapes and ideas for where to hang them around your home to make the most of these decorating wonders.

The Vertical Rectangle:


Zaragoza Mirror

Zaragoza Mirror

The beautiful baroque inspired Zaragoza mirror, in distressed champagne finish would make the perfect addition to any room.

Made with intricate detail this mirror can be placed either portrait or landscape.

The Horizontal Rectangle:

Beverley Mirror

Beverley Mirror

This mirror is formed of individual panes of mirrored glass joined together by hand to create a unique pattern.

A deconstructed design that reconfigures the traditional mirror into an original piece of wall-art.

The Large Round:

Royal Mirror

Royal Mirror

The Royal Mirror, is a grey circular mirror, accentuating the round shape in a contemporary stylish way.

A fantastic focal point for classic and contemporary settings alike, this glass mirror features a bespoke smoked grey bevelled frame finish.

The Sunburst:

Zepher Mirror

Zepher Mirror

A stunning radial design of interlocking bars, with a circular bevelled mirror at the centre.

Finished in raw iron.

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