It’s ‘TIME’ to visit CASA

Clocks are perhaps the objects we look at the most often in our homes. They are usually placed in a prominent position in a room, and we rely on them being accurate. As clocks play such a fundamental role, it is all the more important that they are lovely to look at.

At CASA you will find beautiful quality clocks of different shapes and sizes displayed throughout the store. We have modern versions of the traditional favourite, the carriage clock. Smooth clean lines enhanced by a chrome finish, or how about a combination of chrome and bleached wood or leather?

Our round or square wall clocks are real statement time pieces. Would your room be complete with an iron, wood, copper or brass clock on the wall?

mjd008 Large Round Wooden Clock 300x300
HMV003 Square Wooden Clock 300x300

If quirky is the direction to take… enormous free standing pocket watch perhaps?

Swing into style with a feature pendulum wall clock. Sleek glass and steel or a textured slate back ground could fit the bill.





Dabble with an artistic painters palate theme, another way to add pizazz.

One is sure to tick the right box, it really is TIME to visit CASA.


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