All you need is VLUV love, VLUV is all you need

Remember the Space Hopper? of course you do. Bring those happy memories into the present with VLUV.

Vluv Velt Roomshot

We are not suggesting that you bounce around your home, although…

VLUV is a fantastic fabric covered seating ball. And, all our customers who have tried it out, smile!

The young, and less young, find it not only to be a fun idea, but very comfortable. The seating position encourages good posture, and the possibility to gently bounce or roll whilst sitting, is soothing.

Each seating ball comes in a zip top fabric carrier, perfect for offering.

Vluv Stov in PebbleVLUV Veel in MoccaVluv Stov in Petrol


This is an innovative seating idea, made from quality fabrics in a range of colours, and a delightful conversation piece.

Furnish your home with CASA today, and create tomorrows happy memories.



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