MOBLIBERICA, naturally strong and beautiful dining.

CASA continues to thrill customers with exciting new dining ranges.

Julia Table

Our latest addition is created by a Spanish company, Mobliberica. The features of this range are unlike anything we have previously presented!!

The irresistable ceramic table tops, in a wide choice of shades, are astonishing! We are not suggesting that our customers throw table etiquette to the wind… but… Mobliberica can withstand just about anything.

They are scratch and wear resistant (the demonstration by the sales rep more than proved that point to us), chemical, heat, stain resistant, antibacterial, waterproof…….and ECO friendly!!

The steel table legs and frames, in a vibrant colour selection, pack a monumental style punch!

Come to CASA and see the Mobliberica dining tables and chairs, and coffee tables too.

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