Loft bedrooms are simply beautiful.

Imagine designing your own high spec wardrobes, but at a fraction of the price. That thought can become a reality at CASA.

We are stockists for LOFT, a German range specialising in sleek, functional, bedroom furniture. The incredible choice of options, although fantastic, could seem a little complicated at first glance. But with a few key pointers, and friendly CASA assistance, all becomes clear.

Having determined your available floor space and hanging / storage requirements, the creative fun begins, the units are designed in 50 cm door widths, either left or right hanging, or bi-folding doors. These doors come in four glamorous glass finishes.

Would you like to choose not only the wood finish for the carcass, but also decide if a ‘pass par tout’ (surround) is required? The surround can include lights if you so wish !!

Standard fitting to the interior – two shelves plus one hanging rail. These can be placed at virtually any height. Not enough? Select extra shelves, rails, tie racks, drawer units…..


Would your wardrobe look better if fitted around a corner space? No problem!

As you can see, it will be exactly as you require.

The installation team will come to your home and expertly put it all together. Although free standing, it will to all appearances be a fitted wardrobe / dressing room.

To complete the look, LOFT at CASA also supply a range of bedroom furniture in your chosen finish.

Your LOFT bedroom, will indeed be simply beautiful.






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