ECO CHAIRS from the Nordics now in CASA

Forget the headaches of traditional deckchairs, these Eco chairs are a joy.

Eco Chair in Pine     Eco Chair in Oak

They are of a simply beautiful Scandinavian design. Who would have thought, that a chair made from only wood and rope, could be so comfortable. Lay the smooth batons of wood on the floor, thread the rope through the pre-drilled holes then tie.

This only needs to be done once, as having been threaded it can be folded for storage. The rope allows the chair to find it’s own level, so bumpy ground won’t spoil your comfort.

In natural oiled oak, or grey oiled pine, they will sit in an upright or layed back position. The plump linen head rest slides into place.

Eco Lilli Table in Oak   Eco Lilli Table in Pine

A cute foot stool / table named Lilli is also available.

These Eco friendly pieces offer guilt free pleasure, and are happy to live both inside or outside.

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