Oooh “Betty”

By Ana Franklin - 6th November 2018

“Betty” Sofa range offers superior comfort without compromising it’s design flair and style These high quality, extremely comfortable sofas are …

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Velvet Sofas & Chairs…More than just a trend

By Heather Dixie - 10th October 2018

Soft, sumptuous velvet is the epitome of luxury. A velvet sofa would make a stylish addition to any lounge.  Velvet is …

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What fun the Myles Table is!

By Heather Dixie - 26th September 2018

Peressini, from Italy, melts the famous Italian style with modern concepts of design and production. The results are an elegant …

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Your Ultimate Guide to Decorating with Mirrors

By Heather Dixie - 12th September 2018

We are delighted to feature some stunning new mirrors which are sparkling on our walls. Mirrors act as magicians in …

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Emerald Buttoned Chair

By Ana Franklin - 24th August 2018

A tantalising emerald green accentuates the beauty of this delightfully designed wing back chair. The smooth fabric is partnered with …

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Intelligent Comfort and Smart Modular Sofa – Levana

By Heather Dixie - 14th August 2018

The luxurious contemporary Levana Collection from ROM. A made to measure concept with a choice of sizes in steps of …

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Cool, vintage and urban – that’s The Trafalgar

By Heather Dixie - 23rd July 2018

The Trafalgar Collection is mid 20th century inspired and has a lovely neat compact scale, perfect for smaller chic spaces. …

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Sunshine Days

By Heather Dixie - 3rd July 2018

Enjoy the weather with new outdoor furniture, the Eco Chair and Lilli Table in Oak. Ideal for both indoor and …

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Eye Catching and Unique Cabinet!

By Heather Dixie - 25th June 2018

Eye catching and unique, this stunning cabinet will create a focal point for your living room or dining room. With …

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The New Hilton Corner Sofa

By Heather Dixie - 11th June 2018

The Hilton offers unprecedented comfort and a tailored design that highlights all its elegance. Available in a choice of seating options …

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The New Liberty Sofa

By Heather Dixie - 6th June 2018

The luxurious Liberty sofa and chair range is stylish and timeless. Personalise by selecting your fabrics and/or leather colour scheme with …

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

By Gary Dixie - 21st May 2018

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on the 25th May 2018, and it is important to …

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Create the Bedroom of your Dreams: ANAIS

By Heather Dixie - 15th May 2018

The Anais bedroom collection is made from solid European oak and veneers, the handles and leg detailing create a stylish …

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SLEEPING BEAUTY: The Elise Bedroom range

By Heather Dixie - 8th May 2018

The Elise range with its clean lines and smooth edges is offered in a variety of painted and oak finishes, …

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BELLONA: Intelligent Comfort and Smart Modular Design Sofa

By Heather Dixie - 2nd May 2018

The Bellona range is also part of ROM’s 20cm concept. With a number of intelligent configurations to choose from, the …

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New Sofas now in CASA

By Alastair Brown - 20th February 2018

Introducing our new range of sofas on display in CASA just waiting for you to come and try them out. All …

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Head Turning Swivel Chairs in CASA

By Gary Dixie - 15th January 2018

Searching for your perfect swivel chair? Not only will our selection get you in a spin, CASA prices will be …

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LILLEHAMMER at CASA, simply gorgeous

By Gary Dixie - 8th January 2018

Made in the U.K, yet Norwegian in name and simplicity of style. The LILLEHAMMER collection is the latest addition to …

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Spend time at CASA

By Gary Dixie - 4th December 2017

Time goes by, The days just fly, But for a moment, come stop the clock, Take your time, and enter …

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MONET at CASA, will leave you impressed

By Gary Dixie - 27th November 2017

The MONET seating collection at CASA is concise in choice and compact in design. The range consists of an accent …

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Set the stage for a dining extravaganza with TIVOLI

By Gary Dixie - 27th November 2017

The new TIVOLI range at CASA features white oiled oak or walnut, clean lines, and smooth curves. The shades and …

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CASA Christmas sing along

By Gary Dixie - 9th November 2017

Jingle bells, CASA sells, eclectic Christmas gifts Oh what fun it is to shop, in a local family store …oh …

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All you need is VLUV love, VLUV is all you need

By Gary Dixie - 18th October 2017

Remember the Space Hopper? of course you do. Bring those happy memories into the present with VLUV. We are not …

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The majestic sofa REGAL, now on display in CASA.

By Gary Dixie - 5th October 2017

As the name suggests, this REGAL sofa is impressive and luxurious. The sumptuous pillow style cushions add a soft touch …

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Gather around our CLUSTER table

By Gary Dixie - 26th August 2017

CLUSTER, the circular glass dining table, with striking chrome feature legs, in stock at CASA. Not only are we proposing …

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By Gary Dixie - 21st August 2017

Let CASA introduce you to the luxurious world of WORTH furnishings. This range provides a heady fusion of traditional and …

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By Gary Dixie - 21st August 2017

We now have clearance pages on our CASA website. They feature greatly reduced shop floor furniture. These items are reduced …

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By Gary Dixie - 31st July 2017

The TETRAD Truffle, Ruffle and Waffle ranges on display in CASA are unmissable!! The rich vibrant colours draw the eye, …

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SERENO, the serenity chair at CASA

By Gary Dixie - 17th July 2017

The SERENO chair creates no excitement, but that is the point! So inviting to look at, and so Ahh Zzz …

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ROMANO, ROMANO, wherefore art thou ROMANO?

By Gary Dixie - 14th July 2017

This sumptuous ROM ROMANO is newly on display in CASA! This is a ROM with many, many extras. In addition …

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Let CASA explain why SIXT’s more than just a number!

By Gary Dixie - 19th June 2017

The reason being, that SIXT is a floor lamp. And it’s so cool it’s hot!! The 6 colourful lantern shaped …

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NICKI seating range by TAJOMA

By Gary Dixie - 12th June 2017

The Tajoma NICKI range is neat and sleek!                         …

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Louis De Poortere comes to CASA !

By Gary Dixie - 8th June 2017

Well, perhaps not in person, but we do have LOUIS DE POORTERE rugs on show in CASA.       …

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Luxurious Daphne Collection From ROM

By Gary Dixie - 15th May 2017

CASA have been stockists for ROM sofas and chairs for many months, but newly on display is the luxurious Daphne. …

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The BRAMLEY inside outside range at CASA

By Gary Dixie - 27th April 2017

The BRAMLEY collection can be seen on display in CASA. The frame of this seating and occasional table range is …

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DISCOVERY, a delightful find at CASA

By Gary Dixie - 10th April 2017

The DISCOVERY range may be small, but these rubberwood pieces are very appealing.   The chests of drawers and console …

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Looking for generous and stylish? Introducing ALVIRA!

By Gary Dixie - 3rd April 2017

ALVIRA, with oh so generous, stylish good looks, and ….reliable comfort.   One of the first things you will notice …

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STRETFORD living and dining range

By Gary Dixie - 27th March 2017

Stretford. A successful blend of industrial strength, and smooth chic. This range really has the ‘double take’ factor. It must …

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Create a STUART JONES ‘Your way’ at CASA

By Gary Dixie - 13th March 2017

Thanks to CASA and STUART JONES, you can say.. ‘I made it my way’. STUART JONES are a British company …

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VINTAGE sofas and armchairs at CASA

By Gary Dixie - 13th March 2017

The latest trend, and with good reason, is VINTAGE. Whether it be handbags or clothes, retro has the edge.   …

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ECO CHAIRS from the Nordics now in CASA

By Gary Dixie - 6th March 2017

Forget the headaches of traditional deckchairs, these Eco chairs are a joy.       They are of a simply …

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PIANA Dining furniture range

By Gary Dixie - 11th February 2017

Open the door to CASA… eyes left… Some of our customers make a b-line, others stand transfixed. What causes this …

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QUERCIA Bedroom Furniture

By Gary Dixie - 12th January 2017

Quercia. We did in the beginning, have difficulty in pronouncing the name of CASA’s new range of bedroom furniture. However, …

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MOBLIBERICA, naturally strong and beautiful dining.

By Gary Dixie - 3rd December 2016

CASA continues to thrill customers with exciting new dining ranges. Our latest addition is created by a Spanish company, Mobliberica. …

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It’s time to admire CASA’s new QLOCKTWO’s

By Gary Dixie - 3rd December 2016

What has no hands, no numbers, and silently tells you the time? The answer; A fantastic QLOCKTWO from CASA. A …

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LAMONT Dining, available from CASA.

By Gary Dixie - 22nd August 2016

Lamont, a “range” of furniture hotter than your Aga. Yes you’ve guessed it, CASA have yet another dining room option, …

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The Hampton Flare at CASA

By Gary Dixie - 15th August 2016

Introducing the Hampton from Collins & Hayes. Add elegance and flare to your living room, with the new HAMPTON range from …

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Loft bedrooms are simply beautiful.

By Gary Dixie - 4th July 2016

Imagine designing your own high spec wardrobes, but at a fraction of the price. That thought can become a reality …

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Toto Coelo

By Gary Dixie - 23rd June 2016

CASA introduced several items of the COELO dining range to the shop a few weeks ago. Pleased with the style …

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Proud of our Wycombe

By Gary Dixie - 27th May 2016

A recent addition to our CASA store, the WYCOMBE collection. Beautiful pale oak, transformed into smooth, round edged, tactile furniture. The …

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No controversy over this Cromwell

By Gary Dixie - 27th May 2016

The CROMWELL, a round armed sofa of generous proportions, can now be seen and tried at CASA. This sofa, our …

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Tajoma, the secret of reclining

By Gary Dixie - 25th April 2016

Our CASA sales team love to go the extra mile for customers, especially when it comes to trying out reclining …

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It’s ‘TIME’ to visit CASA

By Gary Dixie - 12th April 2016

Clocks are perhaps the objects we look at the most often in our homes. They are usually placed in a …

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Lamps are often the vital finishing touch

By Gary Dixie - 4th April 2016

Lamps, and the light they provide, are the atmospheric finishing touch when furnishing a home.  To complement the style of …

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Sennen collection has arrived!

By Alastair Brown - 14th March 2016

The Sennen collection is hand painted and made from sustainably sourced timber from well managed forests. The unpainted top surfaces …

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New Martina sofa bed now at CASA

By Alastair Brown - 10th February 2016

The new Martina Sofa Bed from Mayor is now on display in our Topsham showroom. It is incredibly easy to …

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New ROM model in Topsham

By Alastair Brown - 1st February 2016

CASA in Topsham now has the Diana from ROM. The Diana has the unique 20cm concept from ROM which is a …

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Children’s Stools are now back in stock.

By Alastair Brown - 23rd January 2016

      We now have a range of Children’s stools back in stock. The very popular sheep stool is …

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Harlequin Chairs now available.

By Alastair Brown - 6th January 2016

We now have a selection of unusual Harlequin chairs in stock. They are of a classic design and have a solid …

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Official Launch Evening

By Gary Dixie - 19th July 2015

In June we held our official launch evening. there has been lots of press coverage following the event.

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Lord Mayor of Exeter cuts the ribbon

By Gary Dixie - 16th June 2015

The Lord Mayor of Exeter cut the ribbon at the official opening of CASA. More than 100 guests enjoyed wines …

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New brands at CASA

By Gary Dixie - 7th June 2015

We are happy to welcome a host of new furniture and bed brands to CASA in Topsham. Luxurious sofas from …

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Lord Mayor of Exeter to open CASA

By Gary Dixie - 7th June 2015

Great news that the new Lord Mayor of Exeter has agreed to cut the ribbon on our new store on …

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Press Coverage of CASA

By Gary Dixie - 7th June 2015

CASA opens with new team, with some coverage in the local Express & Echo newspaper    

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CASA – our sister shop opens!

By Jeremy Sheridan - 14th May 2015

Great news that our new shop ‘CASA’ in Topsham, Exeter is now open. CASA is part of Queenstreet Carpets and …

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